t    Technical Section            

t    Marketing Section        


t    List of documents required for online e-tendering   


t    Notice regarding amendment in Tender Document for e-tendering  
t    Notice  No. CSIDC/MKD/Samanvaya/14-15/01 dated 06.06.2014 - Regarding submission of DTIC EM Part-2 & Production Certificate  


t    Tender No. CSIDC/Gen/8(17)/14/01 dated 22.05.2014


t    Tender No. CSIDC/Sampada/14/8 dated 14.07.2014 


t    Tender No. CSIDC/Sampada/14/9 dated 15.07.2014


t    Tender No. CSIDC/Sampada/15/1 dated 10.02.2015


t    Tender No. Sampada/15/2 dated 11.02.2015